Template Customisation

Customize your website to your specific needs: Be it Banners, Logos, Graphics or Color schemes!! Fundoo caters to every need of yours, even test Layouts and the Coding and helps you design your dream website.

Our Template customization services offer:

Newsletter design is the visual, graphical and textual presentation of information in a newsletter format. Newsletter design includes a range of components such as layout, font style, color, and use of graphics. More and more newsletters are designed to be distributed electronically in HTML format, allowing greater design flexibility and interactivity.

Quality Coding optimized for superior performance.

W3C validated XHTML/CSS based code providing greater flexibility.

SEO Semantic features based XHTML coding that keeps you apace with your competitors.

Cross browser compatibility for easy accessibility across all operating platforms.

Strict adherence to latest quality standards.

On-time deliveries.